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CIXI EVERNEW PIPE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was established in 2010

located in Cixi city, Zhejiang province.It is a production and sales of the diversified company.Our company specialized in the production of high – end petrochemical composite hose and quick couplings.

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  • Features of composite hose

    Because the product is developed by a special process method, its characteristics are as follows: 1. Lightweight and soft, free to bend. Compared with rubber tubes of the same specification, under the same conditions of use, composite hoses are 40% lighter than rubber tubes, and the radius of cu...

  • What do you know about metal hoses used in chemical plants?

    Metal hoses used in chemical plants have good wear resistance. Any combination of motion represents two-dimensional plane motion, while the combination of the three represents three-dimensional plane motion. Multiple planar motions are called compound bending, which may cause the hose to twist be...

  • The function and characteristics of quick coupling

    Quick coupling is a connector that can connect or disconnect pipes without tools. Quick connectors can be divided into air quick connectors, oxygen gas quick connectors, gas-liquid universal quick connectors, oil pressure quick connectors, inert gas quick connectors, cooling water temperature qui...

  • Composite hose materials and chemical hose characteristics

    Features of standard chemical hose: 1. Convenient transfer device: The chemical composite hose is light in weight, and the worker transfers and installs less strength; because there are many joints, there is more space for customers to choose; because the length has certain flexibility, the leng...

  • What is the classification of composite hose?

        In home decoration, there are many pipe materials that need to be used, such as water pipes, pe pipes and composite hoses. However, many people do not know what the composite hose specifically refers to, especially in terms of its use. In addition, what are the classifications of composite ho...

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Our company introduces advanced technology and equipment from Europe and designs.We design, manufacture and test composite hoses and camlock in strict accordance with international standards (EN13765, EN13766, BS5842, BS3492, U.S.A-A59326A)

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