Features of composite hose


Because the product is developed by a special process method, its characteristics are as follows:
1. Lightweight and soft, free to bend. Compared with rubber tubes of the same specification, under the same conditions of use, composite hoses are 40% lighter than rubber tubes, and the radius of curvature is 1/3 times that of rubber tubes. It is light and soft, and is suitable for places with greater mobility. . Such as the loading and unloading of oil tankers, oil tankers, etc., these places are frequently dismantled. The tube can also be used flexibly in narrower workplaces, which is unmatched by other pipelines. The hose has good resistance to positive and negative pressure. The working pressure of this kind of hose can reach 1.0~4.0MPa, and the negative pressure can reach 0.1MPa. The pressure resistance is better than the same specification rubber tube under the same conditions. Because the rubber tube is harder, it cannot bear pressure under a large bending state. When it is extremely bent, the rubber inner wall folds and blocks the passage, while the composite hose is in an extremely bent state. It works the same way. In the bending part, the inside of the tube always keeps a round shape, and will never be folded or blocked, and will not be broken due to extreme bending. This is the unique performance of the composite hose.
2. Good acid and alkali resistance. Because the composition of the tube is made of synthetic resin fibers, the resistance to various aromatic hydrocarbons and chemicals is better than rubber tubes and metal tubes, especially for some acid and alkali liquids, metal When the tube and the rubber tube are not resistant, the tube can be used to complete the task. The hose has good temperature resistance and can withstand -60°C to 220°C under normal use.
3. It has a reliable electrostatic discharge system. When the liquid flows in the hose, due to pressure, flow rate, collision with the pipe wall, friction, etc., a certain amount of static electricity will be generated. If it is not discharged in time, it will cause a fire. Grounding one end of the main line pipeline with an iron wire can lead out the generated static electricity, which is safe and reliable to use.
4. The scope of application of composite hoses: Composite hoses are mainly suitable for petroleum exploration, oil tank and oil depot connection, petroleum transportation and loading and unloading chemical industries, and can be used in quay wall oil transportation facilities and related equipment oil guiding systems in factories and enterprises as equipment Accessories; can be used to transport harsh chemicals in chemical plants; can also be used for extraction of wine, syrup, and edible water.

Post time: Nov-22-2021