Precautions for installing hose joints

In our life and work, hose products can be seen everywhere, including plastic hoses, garden hoses, and cold-resistant hoses. Especially in the kitchen, bathroom and other places where water is often used. As an indispensable device in hoses, hose joints are widely used in specific environments. We generally clear the function of hose joints, but what should be paid attention to when installing joints?

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The following will introduce you to the precautions of hose installation joints:
1. When installing the hose joint, the screw of the bolt should extend to the outside of the joint, and the bolt on the end face of each flange should be tightened repeatedly and evenly according to the method of diagonal pressure to prevent pressure deviation.
2. The threaded joint should be tightened evenly with a standard wrench. Do not use the afterburner to force the joint to slip, slip or break, and check it regularly to avoid loosening and causing peeling or water seepage.
3. At the same time, considering the aging problem of rubber products, it is necessary to build a sunshade outside or on the pipeline that faces the sun. It is necessary to strictly prohibit exposure to the sun, wind, and wind erosion.
4. Before installation, the appropriate model must be selected according to the working pressure, connection mode, medium and compensation amount of the pipeline, and the number should be selected according to the noise reduction displacement requirements.
5. Note that when the hose connector is under pressure for the first time, for example, after being installed under pressure or before being reactivated after a long-term deactivation, the bolts should be re-pressurized and tightened before putting it into operation.
6. Pay attention to the pressure adjustment. When the pipeline generates instantaneous pressure and is greater than the working pressure, a joint that is one gear higher than the working pressure should be selected.
7. Pay attention to the water temperature adjustment. The normal applicable medium is ordinary water and special medium with a temperature of 0-60 degrees Celsius.
8. For high-rise water supply or suspended water supply, the pipeline should be fixed on a hanger, bracket or anchor frame, and the joint should not bear the weight and axial force of the pipeline itself, otherwise the joint should be equipped with an anti-pull-off device.
9. When the pipeline displacement is greater than or equal to the maximum compensation amount of the joint, the number of joints should be increased to parallel the displacement. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the excessive tolerance of the pipeline, so that the joint is in a state of extreme disturbance displacement and deviation, let alone exceeding the limit .

Post time: Dec-20-2021