Quality assurance system

Cixi Evernew Pipe Industry Co., LTD.  has many partners: PetroChina, SINOPEC, BP, SHELL, OPW, PPG, DIXON and so on. We provide customers with competitive prices, high-quality products and high-quality service.This is the eternal goal of constant innovation of EVERNEW.Our wealth comes from innovation, quality and competitive prices.

  The main products of our company are composite hose, anti-static hose, light oil hose, chemical hose, leather hose, explosion-proof hose, corrosion resistant hose, Marine oil pipe and gear pump.By quality certification company quality system certification this hose is light, they can withstand oil, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, can repair, electrostatic export function reliably, easy to operate, durable and other characteristics, is mainly used in oil drilling, oil refining, oil processing of petrochemical storage, animal and plant oil storage, shipbuilding, oil dock, oil products, such as aviation fuel oil, stored in highway, railway, transport, transshipment and displacement bigger of the two ports can be fully shows the superiority of the tube.

Cixi Evernew Pipe Industry Co., Ltd is determined to gradually develop into a unique local advantage of integrated production, sales, installation, service in the composite hose industry, the international brand logo.Therefore, the company’s professional technical personnel, excellent sales staff to provide you with not only high quality products, but also for your pipeline system to provide optimal solutions and secure after-sales service.We are looking forward to your attention and cooperation.


Post time: Jun-14-2019